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Fairy Dust Wax Melt



If Snow Fairy and Baby Powder had a baby it would smell like Fairy Dust. A soft powdery gorgeous smell. Beautiful, soft powdery floral, with a hint of fruits, set on a musky base.

Wee Star Melts are made with a High Performance Wax, giving you a scent that fills the room. Our melts are hand poured and are a creamy white colour. We use biodegradable glitter for a bit of sparkle. These can be used in a tealight or electric burner.

The Wee Star Wax Pot is made from RPET plastic, they are made with 86% recycled materials and are 100% Recyclable. These are made in the UK. Pots can be cut into half or quartered depending on the scent throw you wish. These are perfect if you want to sample a scent, you can buy a few different ones and see which scents you like.

The Wee Star Clam Star Shell is made from 80% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable when you have finished with them. These are perfect if you know you love a scent and want to melt it a lot.

CPL information available in photos.

Fairy Dust

Wax Pot, Wee Star Clam Shell

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