Let The Wee Star Candle Company slow your life down, if even for a minute

You know that feeling at the end of the day, when you have finished a long day at work? Or after a day  looking after the kids? 

That moment when you get some comfy clothes on, turn on Netflix or grab a book, sit down and relax? It is your time and melting a wax melt or lighting a candle helps punctuate that feeling. It is like closing the page on your day and filling your room with a gorgeous scent to help you relax. 

My name is Tina. I live in a lovely Costal town in Scotland called Oban, with gorgeous views of the islands. I live with my partner, 3 children and a Lhasa Apso dog called Buster, who although small and fluffy, has the attitude of a lion.

I will be the first to say that, in an ideal world, the house is sparkling clean. Realistically, life gets in the way between the children and the dog, chaos would easily reign. And whilst I love them dearly sometimes you just need a bit of ‘me’ time.

I am the main carer for my Son, Innes who has a rare chromosome syndrome 48XXYY, Autism, Tourette’s and ADHD. Working from home, building a business means that I can fufil my own dreams whilst being caring for Innes. I know that one day he will grow up and leave school and I will have a grown man that has nowhere to go everyday, so I am building The Wee Star to create that environemt and hopefully in the future will be able to employ other adults with disabilites. Creating a place of inclusion, kindness and purpose.

We absolutely love receiving your orders and helping us build our dream business that hopefully one day my Son can be part of. There is very little for disabled adults once they leave school so if I can build a business that give Innes a purpose then I will have achieved my dream.

 Let The Wee Star Candle Company slow your life down, if even for a minute.

Tina x
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